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Title: RPG Introduction, Rules, Etc. (MUST READ!!!)
Post by: 17dragonboy on February 19, 2018, 12:21:31 PM

This is the Role Playing Section of the forum.
To those that arent familiar with role playing, its where you act (or write) out your characters actions in a game, alongside other players. It often offers more creative freedom than video games. Its a more interactive and collaborative form of creative writing.

Because this is a Monster Hunter website, most of the games will probably be based on Monster Hunter. However, were certainly open to other ideas.
Most games are freeform (no system), but again, were open.

Note that we have the General Chat ( thread.
There is also an RPG section on the websites Discord server (, which could be used for discussion or even actual role playing.

Guidelines and Rules:

I want to join a game!
Find the sign up/discussion thread of the game, read up on the setting and how to make your character, and go from there.
Wait for the game master (GM) to approve your character and tell you where to start posting.

I want to start a game!
Standard procedure is, first make a thread detailing the game (setting, character creation, etc.), and wait for people to apply.
Once youve got enough people, make another thread for the actual gameplay.
While you could keep it all in one thread, I personally advise against it so the two dont interfere with each other (as the game goes on and new people join).
While there may be special circumstances, you probably wont need more than the two threads. Were trying to keep things tidy here.

Graphic Content
Stuff like swearing and killing monsters are fine, you dont have to do anything special.
More graphic stuff like sex or torture, please put inside a spoiler marking it as graphic content. This way its hidden from people who dont want to see it, but people who do want to see it can do so easily. See code below.
Code: [Select]
[spoiler Graphic Content]Whatever youre writing about.[/spoiler]Some highly graphic, like incest and rape, can only be referenced (like in a backstory), but not actually depicted.
If you are unsure where something falls, please contact site admin Lady Divine and myself.

Problem? Talk to the GM
If you have a problem with a game you are in, or another player, it is highly recommended you contact the GM by private message first.
I find this keeps things from getting out of control and feelings from being hurt. Often times theres just a minor error or misunderstanding.

No Godmodding
Generally, you are allowed to attempt to do anything. However, the GM decides the actual result.
Your posts should be more like Timmy swung his sword at the tail rather than Timmy cut the tail with his sword.
Also, the only character you should control is your own.
There are some exceptions to this. Sometimes a GM will give you more control, sometimes you can make minor assumptions about characters. But be cautious, and when in doubt, ask.

When in doubt, ask!
This is very general, and pretty self explanatory. You can avoid a lot of hassle by just asking first. It can be a pain to go back and try to fix things.

Basic Grammar, Spelling and Formatting
Were not grammar nazis here, but try to give your posts at least a once over before actually posting them.
Past tense and third person are the norm, but people might have a different preference. Just be consistent.

Away or leaving? Let people know!
If youre going to be busy or away for a prolonged period (like a week), please be courteous and inform the GM and other players, so theyre not waiting on you. (General chat is a good place for this.)
You may decide to leave a game for whatever reason (too busy, not enjoying it). While uncomfortable, please inform the GM, because waiting on a leaver is a huge pain.

I'm leaving this thread open for the time being in case there's anything I may have missed.
Title: Re: RPG Introduction, Rules, Etc. (MUST READ!!!)
Post by: 17dragonboy on February 19, 2018, 12:25:21 PM
GM Advice:

This is some miscellaneous advice for running an RPG in general.
Most of this Im taking from a list on another site ( (that I helped put together).

Follow Before You Lead: If you want to run a game, you should probably play in some games first. Youll see how things basically work, things that are good and things that are bad.

Say Yes More Often: If a player has an idea or desire, try to accommodate them somehow, even if you have to adjust your plans. This is generally more fun for them. (Dont be a complete pushover though.)

Give Loot: Try to give players interesting loot for their accomplishments. It doesnt have to be money or tools. Useful information or allies are good too. (Dont give too much though.)

Everyone Matters: You might have your favorite players, but try to accommodate everyone and make everyone feel relevant. Adjust the game a little if needed. (Realize when a game just isnt a good match for someone/thing though.)

The Game Over a Player: While you want to try and accommodate everyone, sometimes you have to prioritize the game as a whole over a single player.

Establish a Posting Rate: For play-by-post, clearly establish an expected posting rate (once a week, once a day). People who would be too slow will know to keep out, and faster people will know to ease up. (Realize the posting rate might fluctuate.)

People Leave: People often withdraw from games, often without a word, even those you really wouldnt expect. Be ready to move on. Dont rely too much on anyone.

Do You Have Time?: When starting (or joining) a game, make sure you will have enough time to commit. Think ahead a few months, dont let moments of downtime/boredom misguide you.

Dont Get Too Attached to Your NPCs: Be willing to let your awesome bad guy die earlier than expected if the players catch you by surprise, otherwise the players may get frustrated that their actions don't really matter. Dont put the spotlight too much on one of your NPCs, it should be more focused on the player characters.
Title: RPG Introduction Rules Etc MUST READ
Post by: Alekceuvab on August 07, 2019, 11:34:36 AM
Ive got a question that the FAQ wasnt too clear on..  How to get crew.. it says, There are Military Transports flying through Argon Space. Follow them.    Then what?

P. S. offtopic, , - (
Title: RPG Introduction Rules Etc MUST READ
Post by: Fanniehot on August 18, 2019, 09:18:16 AM
Id argue its not so much about the world being persistent so much as players taking on the role of actors with agency.

Of course, its hard to do this without a fleshed out, responsive world, but it is possible otherwise.

Of course, Im somewhat flexible with my definition of RPG, where I know a lot of people are more purist with regards to terminology.

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